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  • Guide to Seattle Earshot Jazz Festival Seattle's annual Earshot Jazz Festival returns Friday, October 12 and continues osrs gold through Sunday, November 4 with more than 50 distinctive concert events in venues all around the city, and special guests like Grammy winning artist Branford Marsalis.

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    The exact scenario was catching a black salamander in the wilderness using a Hunter Potion to boost from 64 67. Caught two salamanders just in case the first one may have been collected after my level dropped back to 66, but the second catch/collect was definitely performed with 67 hunter visible for the entire duration and still did not complete the task.

    Swain is a heal tank, void isn really needed. I only build it late if your team is heavy ap and the other team is tanky. I never build luden, and even rabadons isn a must. You generally want roa, hourglass, and I like rylais before liandrys. Skip roa if you way behind early. If you playing him mid and against an ap assassin with kill pressure like LeBlanc, start Visage and then go into roa.

    I have a hard time with her flash ult. (Hard time like flashing in and ulting backwards, but that a story for another day) And reading through the responses I realize I don ping often enough. I also miss supports having the vision control rather than there being a ward cap. If you do play her feel free to PM me a replay and I be more than happy to go over it with you.

    "I would NOT use her to try to carry out of bronze, it is possible, but in my experience it can her very frustrating." Are you recommending i play someone else until i get into silver and then go back to sona? Spam ranked until i get super super lucky? Wait till next season? Or something else altogether?

    Also if the first gank works in a lane I will literally chain gank. Like top then mid then bot before farming. You get w third and can clear fine after that point but key is to exploit xin level 2 which is one of the best in the game. 2 points submitted 2 years agoOf course it can, the luck will tilt you when you get to a point where you realise your skill level does not match your enemies, so just try and improve whilst you feel you being carried by your teams.
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