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  • Despite my mother's pleading, Dad refused to quit playing, and they missed Elvis. Twentytwo years later, during their divorce, Mom repeated this story in front of the judge as proof that my father was a problem gambler.

    Sadly, too many of today's children have TVs in their bedrooms. This is a feng shui nono because it can make children much less likely to study and rest fully. If your child doesn't study as much as Golden Goose you would like and has a TV in the bedroom, ask yourself what is more important: television or school?

    Predictably in some corners of the internet, socalled style watchers accused Cameron of disregarding the formal dress code expected of gala events (especially one held in gasp! a theatre!)Inher trusty 60 Converse Chuck Taylors,which areobviously much loved (read: scuffed),Cameron was the only one rubbing shoulders in trainers.

    Plantar Fasciitis occurs when your plantar fascia a flat band of connective tissue stretching between your toes and heel bone becomes strained, causing pain, inflammation, and weakness in your foot. It causes either one or both of your heels to ache when any amount of weight is placed on them and can get very severe following periods of standing, walking, or running.