Lions share Clone Script

  • Lion's Share is a Ethereum Smart Contract Matrix program which is 100% Transparent and Decentralized Opportunity !!
    Coinjoker provides Lion share clone script that helps to build a MLM peer to peer platform, using Ethereum smart contract technology, working on the blockchain technology. It is 100% risk free to all of your members like lionshare.

    Coinjoker's Lionshare clone script is self operating, which means it can never be hacked, or changed on your smart contract platform.

    This Lionshare clone website works according to blockchain's characteristics like immutability, transparency, traceability, and efficiency to maintain anonymity in the transactions. At the same time, blockchain smart contracts enable business owners to review terms and conditions and customize them as per their enterprise needs.

    Benefits of Lion's Share Clone Script:

    100% Decentralized
    Never Changing Compensation Plan
    100% Transapacity
    Simple and Duplicatetable
    Verified Smart Contract
    No Boundaries
    Affordable to the Masses

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