Why Real Life Escape Game Props Is Hot?

  • We were all talking about the team-building Boothbay Register/Wiscasset Newspaper outing Oct. In Newcastle, not even real life escape game props across the pond … Maine . Longtime friends, now co-owners, Bronwen Hanna  and Martha Manchester, have a real hit on their hands. A delightful game courtesy of Midcoast Escape Rooms in Damariscotta.
    It was even fun doing that. Oh, and speaking of Sarah … she pointed out (while laughing) that the meaning of Sarah is "princess” so how appropriate it was for her to see a large jeweled tiara first thing … then added, “Those who know me best know that I LOVE games,” Sarah said.
    Peacock, Mrs. White and Mr. Green and there was definitely no Mr. Boddy! And playing together!!!”The whole event was fun. What if one of the other rooms does have more math puzzles? Thank goodness you’ll be there Gina!
    escape room prop

    We all had a great time, and yes, we realize we probably got outta there with the least amount of time left (1 minute, 8 seconds) . I normally choose games that don't require much thinking, but after going into the escape room I was surprised that I was able to figure out some of the puzzles … I would like to admit that had I been alone in the room when the last puzzle appeared.
    What the hey, right? We knew we had only 60 minutes before the security guards made their way back to the room with the jewels. Make that two problems: We couldn’t figure out how to open the case – or 1987 studio escape the blasted museum room the jewels were in.​

    1987 studio
    I mean, we were able to disarm this newfangled security system over to the Fine Art Museum of Damariscotta where the royal family of Newcastle’s (who’da thunk it? Royalty. Because get this: There were puzzles and clues so instead of being all stealth-like and just cracking a safe we had to unravel clues, hell, we had to look for the clues! 
    Seriously! And all I kept thinking was “What would The Phantom do?” The Phantom, a.k.a. David Niven from the first Pink Panther movie – remember? Puzzles, codes, keys … meanwhile, tick-tock …Just check out the Facebook page for Midcoast Escape Rooms - 5 stars all the way.​ More details: http://www.1987studio.com/en/​