Rocket Leagues best resolution is 720p

  • The improvements to the Switch’s beheld accomplishment will accession the game’s resolution to rocket league trading 900p while docked and 720p in handheld mode, both at 60 frames per added “with exceptional activating resolution scaling.” As of now, Leagueing to Agenda Foundry, Rocket League’s best resolution is 720p in either mode, with activating resolution demography it as low as 576p. These updates are advancing in March or April.


    Xbox One X abutment is now envisioned for backward 2018, Psyonix said. The collapsed arise at E3 2017 that Xbox One X abutment was advancing in 2018, but hasn’t been added specific than that.


    Other abiding affairs aloft this spring’s updates cover new arenas and the adeptness to host cross-platform parties for babble and matchmaking — if the platforms are accommodating to participate, of course. PlayStation has again said it wants no allotment in cross-platform play with added home consoles for Rocket League.


    Today marks the alpha of Rocket League‘s ninth assay which brings the absolution of the Hot Auto Triple Threat DLC adulatory 50 years of the acclaimed brand.


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