The Justice League is abutting armament with Rocket League

  • The Justice League is abutting armament with Rocket League, as Psyonix has arise new DLC advancing to the rocket car soccer title rocket league trading.


    The latest affiliation for the developer is advancing from DC Comics with the DC Super Heroes DLC Pack, and the Justice League associates are accepting their own car decals and amateur banners.


    The Caped Crusader, Batman, is aswell accepting two car models to pay accolade to two altered eras of the Batmobile–the archetypal 1989 cine version, and the Tumbler from the Dark Knight trilogy.


    Other decals cover Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, Blooming Arrow, and Blooming Lantern. Ceremony decal works on specific cars in the game. Ceremony hero gets their own amateur banner, too.


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