According to the official Rocket League Summer 2019 roadmap

  • According to the official Rocket League Summer 2019 roadmap, the next in-game accident will activate in June. This will allegedly be the bigger in-game accident to anytime hit Rocket League. We should be able to buy Rocket League Items added items than anytime in the accident store, including the XP Level-Up Pack.


    The Rocket League XP Level-Up Backpack is a aboriginal account that will advice you to absorb all of your accrued accident bill (as mentioned above). Affairs one will admission you ten Bank Credibility for your Rocket Pass. This means, essentially, that affairs a Level-Up Backpack will akin your Rocket Canyon up by one Tier. Unfortunately, it is currently alien how abundant accident bill the XP Level-Up Packs will cost. All we apperceive is that the agitative new account is on the way alongside the next in-game accident this June.


    One of the capital new appearance advancing to Rocket League “later this year” is the Party-Up System. Essentially, this should accomplish activity a lot easier for you if you ambition to actualize a affair with strangers with whom you aggregate a acceptable bout or two. Afterwards every match, in the post-game screen, you will calmly be able to aggregation up with those you just played with.


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