All three consecutive rounds reached the finals and won the cha

  • The 2018 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are about to open. The 16 teams from the eastern and western regions will launch a fierce battle for two months to determine the final ownership of the Stanley Cup this year. Of the 16 strong players who advanced in the playoffs, there was a team that was extremely special. Their fans were all over the world, even if the slow heat for this season was once far from the playoffs, but when they rebounded strongly in the next half To the ranks of NHL Coins the playoffs, no one in the playoffs can ignore their existence.


    All three consecutive rounds reached the finals and won the championship. This is a sign that the team has established itself as the dynasty that ruled the entire league. The last time that this feat could be completed was the New York Islanders, which was already more than thirty. Years ago. They started from the 1979-80 season until the end of the 1982-83 season, creating four consecutive dynasties dominance, and this islands team took over from another dynasty team that ruled the league for four years, the Montreal Canucks team. success. However, after that, no team could achieve the Stanley Cup's three consecutive championships.