During our conversation with Stieglitz

  • During our conversation with Stieglitz, one user from the chat asked him what the hardest feature to design in Ark actually was. Stieglitz gave a broader answer that may be useful to other survival game developers. According to him, the most difficult choices made in creating new features for Ark revolve around making mechanics “realistic,” which is to Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online say, in a survival game where you tame dinosaurs, how much should mechanics resemble real life?



    This is especially confounded by what Stieglitz called an unexpected growth vector for Ark, which is that it’s now a game about creativity as much as it’s about survival. If you’re working on an Early Access game, you should be aware that some of the features your fans ask for during development may turn out to be not worth supporting in the long run. Stieglitz said that there are now “vestigial” features in Ark (ironic given the dinosaurs) that were something players were really excited for earlier in Early Access…that now are under supported due to their lack of popularity.