554724-057 Air Jordan 1 Mid Johnny Kilroy To Release

  • After Jordan's first retirement, Jordan created the role of Johnny Kilroy for Air Jordan 9's promotion, which was inspired by the 2012 Air Jordan 9 special color scheme. Recently, Jordan Brand incorporated this with inspiration into the Air Jordan 1 Mid, bringing the new Air Jordan 1 Mid Johnny Kilroy. The overall style of the shoes is black and silver. The black synthetic leather upper is matched with the silver patent leather. It has a good visual texture. The red accents are added to the details. The quality is good and the value is quite high. It should be loved by many people.

    New Jordan 2019 With its super-high topicality, there is a tendency to book the shoe king of the year in advance. The long-exposure Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6, also has a high degree of attention, rumors will be officially released next week! The overall shape is made of suede, using Travis Scott's personal favorite olive green as the main tone, the details are embellished with bright orange, sharp and eye-catching. There are no small changes in the details, such as the original raised on the outside of the upper is changed to a canvas pocket, and you can see the Travis Scott logo. The right heel is printed with the “Cactus Jack” label, which highlights the unique co-branded identity. In addition, the body also hides 3M reflective design and large-area luminous outsole blessing, whether it is the overall design or the details of the depiction, compared to the previous anti-hook Air Jordan 1, the point of view can be said to increase!

    2019 Cheap Jordan officially released the new top-level real basketball shoes Air Jordan 34, are you all being screened? Unlike last year's Air Jordan 33, which gradually unveiled the veil, the pair 34 has never been exposed before, and the explosion has turned out to make the entire shoe circle shock. Today, the fastest Air Jordan 34 out of the box is available, and the Air Jordan 34 configuration technology and design details are fully presented. Whether it is past, present or future, Air Jordan's generation of shoes has always represented Jordan Brand basketball shoes. The highest level. Each generation is entrusted with the expectations of many sneaker lovers. This year's Air Jordan 34 technology-sounding appearance should satisfy everyone's expectations. Let's not talk about the configuration and the sense of the foot. The single value of the styling is the unique existence of basketball shoes. The first color match is the pair of Air Jordan 34 “Blue Void”, inspired by the future style and cyberpunk. One of the most subversive features of the whole pair of shoes is the hollow design of the midsole, officially named Eclipse Plate midsole technology. The Air Jordan 34 is the first pair of Eclipse Plate technology shoes designed with bold shapes to remove all excess material.