Battle Royale Mode is Coming to MapleStory 2

  • The Korean devs of MapleStory 2 have become much at work on the number of the latest features to the cutesy MMO and one of the features can be a MapleStory 2 battle royale mode. Probably because regular ol’ PvP just isn't cool enough anymore. Or the devs i just want to have people fly to the map with a giant mushroom balloon.

    The dev video detailing this new PvP mode 's all in Korean, even so the folks at have provided some more additional details into their MapleStory 2 Mesos report. The battle royale mode is termed Mush King Championship all of which will pit 50 players against one another within a game mode that can have mechanics and systems that we’re all pretty acquainted with.

    Some on the unique spins with this mode appear to get related to your ability to hide in tall grass at the same time as build traps, as well as having to take on enemies from the area along with other players.

    The video showcased also offers a peek at a volume of other updates to MapleStory 2, including what appears to be various unique skins and mounts, info on large-scale public boss fights, and in some cases some MapleStory-themed treats being served at the cafe in Korea. You can keep eyes on MMOAH which is essentially the most reliable activity store to Buy MS2 Mesos online.