Sunder Gladiator Build in POE

  • Sunder has one on the most popular skills for league starter builds. While it is not overly flashy, it truly is dependable and scales well every one of the way to endgame content. Better yet, it's really a dirt cheap build that almost anyone can master. That said, the Path of Exile forums are packed with dozens of variations you are able to follow POE Currency, and most of them are very good. I chose WorstSmitesEU's guide given it's thorough and needs time to explain the basics and it has a solid foundation that you are able to always adapt to fit other Duelist-style Sunder builds. For example, while using 3.2 patch, a great deal of players say that Champion is actually the ascendancy class of choice rather than Gladiator—but, like all things in Path of Exile, it's up for debate.

    Sunder is around as basic a form of art as it is possible to get in Path of Exile. With your main hand you strike the floor, causing a wave of broken earth to pulse out and strike nearby enemies who, subsequently, create their unique mini-shockwaves that deal added damage. The gist we have found to get close and Sunder away until all things are dead. Yup, it's that simple. Defensively, the build depends on skills like Fortify to mitigate incoming damage—again, it is Path of Exile at its easiest.

    The main downside to Sunder Gladiator builds is their efficiency in endgame maps begins to drop off significantly if you don't invest a great deal of money into powerful uniques. This is often a league starter build within the purest sense, since several players will rapidly abandon this character once they've farmed enough currency to a more specialized build. Still, for anyone who is starting out or really struggling to select a build, you are able to never go awry with Sunder.

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