New Holiday Events Added! 12/7 – 1/4

  • The holidays have arrived at Maple World! We're hosting a number of joyous seasonal activities in your case to enjoy. Visit Happyville, decorate a Christmas Tree, receive carefully selected Maplestory M Mesos presents, and much more!
    Icy Onslaught

    Thursday, December 15 – Wednesday, January 4

    The Frost Fiends are invading Maple World! Join up along with other players and defend the globe by defeating the chilly monsters because they show up inside town of Edelstein, as well as in fields around Victoria Island, Minar Forest, Nihal Desert, Mu Lung Garden, El Nath Mountains, and Ludus Lake.

    To begin, accept the quest from the wedding notifier about the left side in the screen. The Frost Fiends invade for 30 minutes once every hour. Check the Icy Onslaught UI to find out where you should fight next! You can use the UI to teleport to your battleground area once during each invasion. You may also take for the leader in the Frost Fiends, the boss Inverno.

    Defend the location successfully and handle achievements to earn rewards! Get your hands on items for example the Frost Fiends' Mark Effect, which allows one to display one of the many different marks on yourself. You also can earn a Frost Fiends Medal, titles, Snowflake equips, 2x EXP Coupons, buffs, 4-slot inventory coupons, and even more.

    Complete daily quests to earn a box of goodies! Open the box to take delivery of restorative items, Spell Traces, AP and SP Reset Scrolls, Potential stamps and scrolls, face accessories, and even more.

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    Catch a Snowflake

    Thursday, December 15 – Wednesday, December 28

    The holiday celebrations continue in Maple World as monsters will drop snowflakes! To begin, accept the quest from case notifier about the left side on the screen. Each day, accept the daily pursuit to hunt monsters in your level range (10 levels below and 20 levels above) and collect 300 Snowflakes from their site. Take these phones NPC Cassandra to get a Snowflake Chair. She has twelve chairs, each with another amount of snowflakes in your case sit on. Keep collecting snowflakes to accumulate all twelve chairs and earn a Twelve-Chair Bag!

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