JVNA brings nostalgia to Maplestory's "Temple of Time"

  • So I don't know what percentage of our readers have heard about or acted online 2D computer game Maplestory, decade ago it had been quite a legendary game. Globally played, it had servers in a number of countries boasting countless players online. I spent my childhood years playing the bingo for years, spending an embarrassing number of hours training my character; even playing private servers manufactured by fans which had custom MapleStory 2 Mesos features. Although I'm not as active anymore, hearing this remix by JVNA also referred to as Jana helped me immediately re-download the sport as I type out this review which has a smile on my own face.

    As this might certainly be a little not easy to describe for anyone who aren't familiar while using game, Temple of Time became a city in Mapletory, there was many cities but Temple of Time was one on the hardest to arrive at, with once hosting the toughest boss within the game Pink Bean. Each city had their unique background music and this also was Temple of Time's. Keeping the core from the melody, Jana adds her take into it, blending later on bass elements creating an uptempo harmony. Drums and snares are added over the track, that has a piano instrumental with the tune at the finish to finish them back. Turning what once would be a background music inside game right into a more modern feel.

    If you're fan of computer game music like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc please be sure to look at Jana's socials down the page, super talented and absolutely killing it this season. She also lives in Los Angeles and plays shows, and will likely be playing at Brownies and Lemonade at the finish of the month here. Now more ways to buy bargain MS 2 Mesos, as an example, visit official MMOAH site.