12 Factors Encourage You To Play The MMOARPG MU Legend

  • There are games that deserve some warm words. Someone - i believe - is MU Legend, that is already on test along with his Open Beta. That's why it is the last moment to encourage one to play on this MMOARPG.

    Here are 12 explanation why you should download, install and try the MU Legend.

    It's "Next-Gen"
    Of course, the word "next-gen" treat that has a grain of MU Zen salt, because it is really a very broken down slogan, which includes lost a great deal of its uniqueness or perhaps elitism inside the last several years. Mainly with the manufacturers who tried on the extender too often for his or her games, and instead with the promised next-gen we've got next-grouse. But Legend has getting some sort of next-gen genre, because ...

    It's A Real Hack 'n' Slash MMORPG
    This is the initial game since an extremely long time, that's actually a 100% hack'n'slash MMORPG (hack 'n' slash fight + MMORPG elements). There are certainly not many such titles, and quite a few of them are either hack 'n' slash or MMOs, not both.

    For example, are there at least seven, eight such representatives? Devilian, Drakensang Online, Guardians of Ember, Marvel Heroes, Dekaron... and it's actually a problem. Path of Exile is semi-MMO, Diablo 3 also, so we can't count them.

    As you may see, this is not an increasingly popular MMORPG segment, so MU Legend shouldn't have any success and grow a leading representative of the (genre) genre. Fans of endlessly chopping potwork will immediately such as the production of Webzen.

    We Have A Lot To Do
    Although killing monsters will probably be the theme of the sport, you'll find still a lot of things to do here. MU Legend doesn't close in one drawer. The fun will abound in most adventures. We have Rift, we have now rallies on bosses, we now have very difficult instances, we have now PvP arena, we've Blood Castle, we've Tower of Endless. You see, the end-game part of the sport is planning to be very promising.

    We Have An Advanced Character Development System
    "Offering players a feeling of power and strength from the 1st level, MU Legend develops the experience by offering a deep and advanced individualization in the character's appearance and skills. Players can choose the sort of game that they like - from your lone wolf to your pillar on the team. " Like all classes in MU Legend is DPS, but it will depend on us what path we choose and ways in which we will build our hero or heroine. Such Dark Lord, as required, are capable of doing for Tanka and even Support. The same refers to other characters.

    There are Soul Levels (such as Paragons in Diablo 3), you will discover also Soul Skill separated into several categories (Attack, Defense, Support). For this Expert Skill, Crest and Artifact systems that embrace only following a dozen approximately hours of fun. In the beginning, in the event you did not play in the Closed Beta, you might feel overwhelmed with the number of mechanisms available.

    It Has Small Hardware Requirements
    MU Legend will not be described as a game for elites using the best / most costly computer hardware. Despite its "freshness", the brand new Webzen game has very economical hardware requirements, due to which you are able to launch the MU Legend on any device. The average, the standard, as well as the good. As for "next-gen" production, this really is ridiculous requirements. Funny but true...

    We Have Good Optimlization
    In today's times optimization is of great importance and often determines success or failure of your given production. Is it because on the recommended hardware requirements i3 processor, 2 GB of RAM and 1 GB graphics, if then cannot enjoy stable fps? In action games, also in MU Legend this item is critical. Webzen also knew this, so as soon as the initial performance problems, he began, making sure that during the last CBT or Stress Test we're able to see significant performance gains. Optimization is long gone the exam.

    It Is Free2Play Game
    Let's not hypocrites. The truth is that if MU Legend would not work on Free-To-Play (Pay-To-Play or Buy-To-Play only), then there could be no great international success. Three quarters of potential players can be dropped, and also on the servers there would be considered a handful with the most dedicated fans from the MU Online universe who pay all of them to experience a new a part of their beloved series. Of course, Webzen would earn more ... a great deal more money with the start, however it counts on long-term thinking, so it is decided to possess a free business design. I think yes it's true, because F2P games - for apparent reasons - have a very bigger take.

    It's A MU Universe
    There were voices inside Closed Beta that MU Online isn't going to have MU Online, but it truly is not true. Veterans of the very first part of the experience, which you might find within the servers, will find inside the continuation, sorry, prequel MU Online tastes and references to your original. Maybe they do not be the maximum amount of as we expected, but that may easily be explained. Now MU Legend action is happening prior to events of MU Online. After a few hours you are going to again feel this characteristic climate.

    There Will Be Pay2Win
    MU Legend are going to be free from your biggest or one in the biggest threats from the MMORPG genre. Webzen has long acknowledged that no items or services could well be sold for a real income, that could distort the overall game and affect somehow into your market of the sport. And correctly, because Pay-To-Win can destroy every game. Of course, there will likely be an Item Shop and Premium service, but additionally to a few "facilitation" (remote storage, auction discounts, additional emoticons, more exp with the Soul Levels, additional slots) in vain to get some enchanting bonuses or - tend not to give God - Character stats, so we is going to be stronger in PvP, as an example. Something won't happen.

    It Has A Cool Soundtrack
    One is usually sure. The soundtrack in MU Legend will definitely cease mindless "ding-dong", which we shall turn off after the very first start of the action. Webzen has produced great hopes along with his production, so a high-shelf composer was useful to create the soundtrack. It's about Jesper Kyd, who's got created from the past tracks for such hits as Assassin's Creed, Borderlands and Darksiders. MU Legend should come from your automaton to give out "best sounding" MMORPG.

    The Game Will Support 12 Languages
    In many countries we look for many fans from the MU Universe, also translated versions of game enjoy them a lot more popular than strictly English-language titles. That's why MU Legend will probably be available in most native language - sufficient reason for full support, Game Masters, etc.

    Last Great MMORPG Premiere This Year
    MU Legend is one from the biggest MMORPGs of the season, and definitely the biggest on this quarter. New Year's Eve won't get anything bigger and much more media. The next part on the legendary MU Online, that's long since enrolled inside the canons on the genre, is recognized as one on the most cultured titles of all time, primarily of us starting out together with the genre. What's more, MMOAH pledge to sell cheap MU Legend Zen to gamers from around the world.