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    What activities could you join in?

    Chinchompa Search for: Once per day searching it for chinchompas totally free (with a new charge for further goes) to discover rare outfits bits, but beware, the map will refresh obtain!


    Scavenger Hunt: Trixie requires some items. In case you help him out and about, you can have a medium thieving lamp fixture. The Festive/Easter Ovum: You can accumulate this eggs if you love. But you don't really need to keep them. Helter Skelter: You will obtain a prize ticket if you ride the Helter Skelter completely.


    Claw-dia Stall: You'll be able to win fabulous prizes because of this hook. Zoltan Appliance: You will obtain a gloomy misfortune, and collect all 17 to finish your misery! Bundle Teller: If one does the skill in connection with the fortune, you can find and receive the XP reward.