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  • What is the spiral sand washer?

      The spiral sand washing machine is a kind of gravel cleaning production equipment which is associated with ore or gravel removing equipment, stone washing machine and crusher and sand making machine.Compared with roller sand washer and other types of sand washer, it has the feature ...
  • How Spiral Sand Washer Work?

      During the operation of the equipment, as the impeller rotates slowly, the sand enters the washing tank from the feeding trough, and the screw device of the spiral sand washing machine continuously stirs the gravel material, so that the soil in the material is mixed with water and rubbed toge...
  • How is LZZG Spiral Sand Washer Designed?

      The LSX series spiral sand washer manufactured by LZZG is designed to provide the most effective pool area and overflow speed requirements.     The proper combination of cell depth, area, and spiral structure is important to ensure controlled turbulence in the slurry stream to ach...