Double Deck Dewatering Screen

  • How Dewatering Screen Work?

    Dewatering screen produced by LZZG adopts dual-motor self-synchronization technology, universal eccentric block and amplitude modulation vibrator. The main part of the screen is 5 ° above the horizontal direction. The rear of the dewatering screen is at an angle of 45 ° to the main plate. Two balanced vibration motors are installed horizontally, one on top of the other. The rotation effect caused by the imbalance of gravity during rotation makes the sieve work very stable.

    It’s mainly consists of screen box, vibrator, support system and motor. Two unconnected vibrators perform synchronous and reverse operations. The inertial force generated by the eccentric block is repeatedly superimposed or canceled on a specific phase, resulting in a huge excitation force that drives the screen box to move periodically along a linear trajectory, The feed on the screen will gradually jump from the feed end to the discharge end.

    During the shaking process, the part (water) smaller than the screen hole will fall through the screen hole, and the rest will be discharged from the discharge end to achieve separation and dehydration.

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    Joy Wang
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