Middle Meningeal Artery

  • The middle meningeal is an artery located in the human head. This artery passes through an opening in the bones at the base of the skull called the foramen spinosum (spinous layer)

    The middle meningeal artery is the biggest amoung three arteries Which supply blood to the dura mater.

    It moves up between the lateral pterygoid and sphenomandibular ligament (internal lateral ligament), and between two roots of the auriculotemporal nerve (posterosuperior) to the foramen sphenoid of the sphenoid bone (unpaired bone of the braincase).

    Through which it enters the skull; it then runs forward in a groove on the higher wing of the sphenoid bone and divides it into two branches, anterior and posterior.

    The anterior branchthe larger, crosses the sphenoid, enters the canal or groove, in the sphenoidal angle(thin and acute, is received into the interval between the frontal bone and the high wing of the sphenoid) of the parietal bone.

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