settled in Canaan // I grew

  • ed land is well understood. The world that accepted this book really swept a huge wave. The Soviet Union, which did not accept the book, finally bowed to it in 1986 after a long-lasting critique that reached its climax after the author of the book won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1958 Newport Cigarettes. A few years later, the Soviet Union collapsed. This book proves that even in the age of ice, there are great minds trembled in it, and with its rhythm Cigarettes Online, its burning, and after reading the photos, reading "Doctor Zhivago" makes me feel that Russians are full of Utopia. Enthusiasm, and in October 1918, Russia was like a drunken madman who bravely marched toward Utopia. He smashed everything in the drunkenness of the revolutionary bottle, but after waking up, the ideal utopia was actually a dream under the influence of alcohol. But everything on the land has been out of control due to destruction, and one of the consequences of losing control is the birth of orphans. In the old days of destruction and new years of incompleteness, the physical and spiritual worlds of the Russians are in ruins. As an individual living in the middle, you must have a choice, or you can become a crazy revolutionary or counter-revolutionary child at any time, or live in your own heart and become an orphan of the great era. Whether in spirit or in the flesh, the orphans of the great era are displaced and homeless. Just as the novel uses the fast-paced rhythm and the restrained but still striking brushstrokes, the October 1918 revolution in Russia suddenly broke the order of life and everything above the order. The unique revolution that broke out in the central city first swept and affected the city's inhabitants, and then wrapped around the Russian provinces that were throwing them away from the capital. The storm of revolution continued to sweep away from the small cities and vast rural areas far away from the capital, making the fields hell. The forest of the beast is turned into Dr. Wago, the man who is full of artistic temperament, independent thought and creative spirit, and his spiritual lover. The woman who has all the good and complex features of Russia is also the same. The spiritual orphan of the revolutionary era. The chaotic era pushed the two people of the same temperament together, and opened them alive, and then sent them to the common road of death. Many years later, when the curtain of the Soviet Patriotic War opened, as the orphans of the great era, they have disappeared into the memory of the collective, even the children of their two men, the real orphan, Daniya, who was abandoned from birth. I don't know what kind of life and how death happened to her father and mother Marlboro Cigarettes. As an orphan rescued by the gunfire of the Great Patriotic War, she is pure, optimistic, active and full of sincerity and pride in fighting with the heroes of the times. In addition to the vaguely similar face, her father and mother are independent of the spirit of the times, and it seems that there is no inheritance in her. In other words, the great era of revolution has succeeded in eradicating all spiritual orphans in 20 years, such as erasing a flaw that affects the spiritual image. The Russians have called for thousands of years of souls in their religious beliefs, and they have disappeared, or hidden under the deep ice, waiting to be thawed in the long night. As the master of the soul, the post-revolutionary Russians bid farewell to the era of being orphans, but at the same time they entered an era of "hostage of the soul." We read the "hostage" of the contemporary Russian poet Inina Risianskaya, and thus feel the lingering shadow cast by the terrible times on the individual mind: the appearance / it will not use another way / now Only the right to die / death does not have to worry / whistling on the top of the whip - / this Russian storm rain / /, but there wild grass / where to recreate life / you do not cry for me, Rachel / I settled in Canaan // I grew up in the soil, like a spruce / that is a multi-layered soil / hexagonal stars / can't save me from here // in Russian snow and Russian syllables / I take root Growing up - no other way out / I have dedicated myself as a hostage / from inhaling to exhaling / / in the middle of the night, the storm is raging / I will suffocate in the stars of the country / the smoke of the stove rises quietly / Like the smoldering gas
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