Weekend getaways made more exciting

  • With today's life of stress and work pressure, a weekend getaway is a perfect way to let off some steam. The perfect way to do this? Use Cobone for the best locations and cheapest prices. 


    What do we like doing best on a weekend? Some would say relax while a lot more would say go out and have fun or go shopping or something of that sort. Well, a lot of us can't afford to go out every weekend, nor it is fun to stay in all the time. The perfect solution? Cobone and it's amazing Cobone vouchers. 

    Weekend getaways are really popular in recent times. A lot of us don't have time for a proper vacation and choose our off days to either relax or go out. Getaways include things like a 2 day 1-night hotel stay, or a short cruise or even a shopping spree followed by dinner. Let me quickly tell you how to make the best of your getaway. 

    Picking the perfect place 

    Obviously, the place makes for half the trip. Depending on the person, and what they consider as enjoyment, the place should be picked. Do you want a quiet weekend by pool or a fun and exciting day at the amusement park? Decide this, then choose the Cobone discount code from Barakatalan that you want to use. 

    Who are you going with?

    The next part of planning a trip is to gather people to go with. Do you want to go alone and just have a serene day to yourself, or are you a person who likes being with other people? Only when this is decided can you move to the next step, which is.

    Make accommodation and travel plans

    This is if it's a stay over the trip. You need to consider the number of people you're going with and then decide on the place you're going to be staying at. You can get amazing weekend getaway packages that are cheap but ethereal on Cobone. With this, you also need to figure out how you're going to get to the place. Will you drive there or fly? Put those arrangements in place as early as possible and also don't forget to use Cobone Deals & Offers  t o save your money.

    Put your phones away 

    Trust me, you'll thank me for it later. The amount of fun you can have by just living in the moment, being with the people there and putting your phone away is insurmountable. Sure, take pictures so you won't forget the trip, but my suggestion is to either use a polaroid or digital camera for this. Even if you're using your phone, save the posts for later. You can always snapchat or insta-story the experience a couple of days later. And trust me, that snapchat streak is not worth it. 


    Pack light 

    It is only a weekend trip, you don't need to pack your whole closet for it. If you do, the time spent in choosing an outfit and keeping track of all the clothes you've brought will definitely eat away at fun time. So my suggestion, already plan outfits while packing, and bring only the bare essentials. Lugging around 2 suitcases for a two day trip is the last thing you'll want to be doing.