Step-By-Step Guide to Fix MagicJack Error 23

  • MagicJack is a kind of device that needs to be plugged into a USB port works only by using internet connection to make and receive calls. It uses VOI – Voice Over Internet technology to make international calls at minimal rate. However, some of its users are getting an issue of MagicJack error 23 while benefitting the device.

    If you are not able to resolve this issue on your own, here you can follow some of the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

    Troubleshooting Steps to Fix MagicJack Error 23

    The MagicJack error 23 is happened when you lift up the phone hand set, instead of getting the dialer tone. Here, we will discuss some of the awesome troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

    • First thing you must do is to unplug the MagicJack dongle from the USB port in which it is connected.
    • Then check your network connection. Error can be caused due to unstable network connection and its speed. If you are getting a network connection issue, then you must contact to your internet service provider as soon as possible.
    • Next thing you need to do is to delete MJUSBSP folder. It is somewhere in the C drive. To do this, go to your C drive and then move under a directory called documents and settings. After that, double click on Then you must find your username folder and double-click on that. Now find application data folder, double click on that. Next you will need to scroll down to mjusbsp folder. Delete that folder.
    • Now, plug your MagicJack dongle again into your system. And check if the error issue is resolved.

    After following the above steps, your issue with the error code 23 will surely be resolved.

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