How to Automate Software Testing

  • One of the critical elements within the software development life-cycle (SDLC) is making certain that the last product meets customer requirements and it is freed from any bugs that might impact the functionality of the software. As a result, quality assurance in the form of software tests are absolutely indispensable.

    Because the software development process proceeds through multiple iterations, functions and functionality are added. Quality Assurance, which often software tests are the greatest component, ensures that the present iteration meets the discharge requirements based on QA at the beginning of the work. In order to avoid the reappearance of bugs found in any particular stage within the software's development, extensive regression test passes are needed.

    Automating a big part of the regression testing process can also add quite a lot of leverage to your testing process. The amount of code coverage and integration testing, and also individual feature testing and end-to-end testing, is usually greatly expanded. By automating an extensive regression test pass, software testers should have added time on the market to conduct testing in other areas of the parts under test.

    Automated software testing is usually built using many available tools, with more popular today being the technique development language C#, in conjunction with the UI Automation Tools for sale in the favored software development suite, Microsoft Visual Studio Test Edition Professional.

    These power tools are both powerful and versatile; C# can essentially be employed to build out everything needed for an extensive automated testing solution. In the test harness, which manages the individually-coded test cases, to your test cases themselves, to logging solutions which is often integrated that has a web front end plus a SQL database, everything is usually managed with the test platform that it software provides.

    Together with the Microsoft Test Manager, you may create, manage and schedule a total test suite, and make reports on pass/fail rates with the phone. Together with the UI automation tools, it is possible to record UI automation tests performed manually, and then re-execute those tests regularly indefinitely. With this particular tool, even manual, black box gui testers without programming skills can produce a full automation pass for the UI being tested.

    Creating API level tests for each person method ensures yet another layer of quality for the final released product. By validating the inputs and outputs of the API under test, you can systematically define the percentage of code comprising the software that has already been executed and validated.

    If, for example, either the customer or maybe the internal release requirements specify a 90% code coverage rate, that level of coverage can be performed by making certain that the many APIs of the product, in addition to their workflows from API to API, provide an automated test which is hooked in a harness that could generate code coverage reports.

    Putting many of these test methodologies in a cohesive test automation strategy really should be portion of worthwhile test plan. Doing so will guarantee that this final product has become thouroughly tested, both for functionality and regressions, and will gain a top class quality level. Therefore can make not merely the customers happy, but ultimately, the shareholders and investors likewise.

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