Why is SD-WAN the next hot spot for SDN?

  • With the outbreak of cloud-related services, application-centric business requirements and security policies require continuous changes in the deployment configuration of network operators. Usually, such services are managed by manual or standardized database configuration or device configuration, and the system is restarted. Waiting for the way to solve the problem, this will bring serious risks and may even cause network interruption. Many companies are dealing with a much more complex hybrid WAN, an environment that can pose significant challenges.

    Hybrid WANs mean that multiple technologies are integrated to provide an end-to-end solution where traffic between end users and applications can span multiple technologies and involve multiple administrative responsibilities. Enterprises that operate such networks often face the following problems: The alternate Internet circuit is often idle to prevent MPLS network failure, resulting in wasted bandwidth; traffic is transmitted back over slower MPLS links, the Internet Application performance is often poor; networks often include user internal components and vendor-managed components, each with its own systems and tools, and application layer reporting is difficult.

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