What Is a Site Survey, and Why Is It Important?

  • What is more obvious is that it has jumped out of the early success areas of SDN and moved to the data center interconnection field. Most cloud providers and large enterprises have many data centers. By building cloud-ready applications into multiple interconnected components, if the application runs in multiple data centers, it will likely span multiple data centers, which indicates Any SDN data center can be extended.

    The most important function of SDN for DCI support is the cooperation or cooperation between SDN controllers. Each SDN data center may have its own controller, and most SDN subnets may be built in a single data center. There needs to be a way to optimize extended SDN between DCIs, which means that controllers need to collaborate in some way. Two models are mainly proposed:


     From the top down, the main controller is the main controller, and the controller hierarchical structure is established;

    横向The horizontal cooperation between the controllers complements each other.

    Although there are good options, it is best to use a standard method. The primary task for SDN to expand beyond the data center is to create a model for controller collaboration between DCIs. The challenge for DCI-connected SDN deployments is how to distribute the deployment of multiple data centers between controllers. Obviously, a single service description cannot be sent to all controllers in all data centers, in the hope that they will be able to provide the correct connection, a specific DCI connection, and a corresponding partitioning service. However, this method will also be controversial because the high-level controller must be used to divide the task according to the location of the bearer point and cannot be fully accepted.


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