Bring high-performance security features to SD-WAN

  • To meet these challenges, Fortinet's enhanced SD-WAN solution combines Security Fabric protection with SD-WAN capabilities to reduce complexity while ensuring security or network performance. Deployment options include the FortiGate Enterprise Firewall and FortiHypervisors, giving distributed enterprises the flexibility to customize implementations to meet their security and network needs.

    These enhanced SD-WAN features from Fortinet leverage its proprietary security processing unit to accelerate security and network-specific tasks. This optimized architecture with deep security analysis and inspection capabilities has reached and exceeded enterprise-class general-purpose CPU performance metrics for competing products.

    • Scalable, secure VPNs are key to ensuring that distributed users' global users and branch offices connect to sensitive corporate resources. Using AES-256 encryption and IPSecure technology, Fortinet security products offer the industry's highest VPN throughput rates and are large enough to support thousands of branches and locations around the world.

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