SD-WAN Network Advantage

  • In the face of rapid technological innovation, the demand for digital transformation has been rising in recent years, and cloud computing is one of the core of digital transformation of enterprises. It makes the internal management and customer service of enterprises more flexible and efficient, and enhances their competitiveness. . Juniper Networks, one of the largest technology suppliers, recently held a seminar in Hong Kong to discuss with partners the trends in 2019 and how their products can help customers cope with technological change through the Multicloud strategy.At the annual Channel Partner Solution Update Symposium, Juniper Networks explained to partners the current trends in the underlying technology of enterprise systems, such as the application and management of Multicloud, cloud security in the digital age, and SD-WAN technology. Develop and share Juniper's solutions.Contrail Enterprise Multicloud (CEM) is a cloud-based strategic coordination and advanced analytics platform for high-performance connectivity, application security and unified operations. CEM can be used to build a multicloud fabric that handles all overlay and underlay management on a single platform; heterogeneous computing environments, including bare metal servers, virtual machines, containers, and network devices; Integrate different cloud platforms, including public, private, and hybrid clouds for unified management. In addition, CEM allows administrators to automate the setup and lifecycle management of different fabrics, such as EVPN-VXLAN, to make it easy to grasp the state of the cloudy end. Even in different application environments, scaling up or downsizing can be done easily, and applications can be automated across physical and virtual multi-vendor environments.


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