Thorough dissection of SD-WAN service

  • The main advantage of SD-WAN is security. Enterprises prefer to integrate security, policy and coordinated network architecture, while SD-WAN covers these foundations through a unified secure connection. In the SD-WAN architecture, companies can benefit from the entire network (including the Internet). End-to-end encryption, with the enhanced key exchange capabilities and software-defined security, all devices and endpoints are fully certified.

      Fourth, SD-WAN and MPLS: up to you

      From cost to flexibility/flexibility, ease of use/deployment to increased security, the benefits of SD-WAN are obvious, and for a variety of reasons, more and more CSPs are adopting SD-WAN. However, the current demand for private networks such as MPLS is always very large, especially in enterprises or organizations with specific connection requirements. When companies raise the issue of "SD-WAN and MPLS?", they need to weigh the pros and cons. And choose SD-WAN or MPLS according to your own needs?


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