SD-WAN test recommendation level

  • Fortinet, the world's leading provider of security architecture and solutions, recently announced the results of the first software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) group test at NSS Labs. Fortinet is the only vendor in the industry to receive a "Recommended" rating in the SD-WAN and NGFW group tests.

    Fortinet's FortiGate SD-WAN excels in every category evaluated by NSS Labs, demonstrating many advantages, including:

    • High-quality VoIP experience: The FortiGate SD-WAN delivers a high-quality experience (QoE) for enterprise-class voice and video applications, even in demanding environments, including jitter, packet loss and latency. The FortiGate SD-WAN shows 4.38 in 4.41 and 4.26 in 4.53, respectively. The voice and video applications show strong test results.
    • Proper deployment costs: The FortiGate SD-WAN has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) among participating vendors, thanks to the carrier and acceleration of the FortiGate SD-WAN feature via the unique security processor SOC3 (System-on-chip Version 3) to speed up performance.
    • Native NGFW Security: The usual scenario for SD-WAN is for enterprises to provide direct Internet connectivity to their branch offices, reducing latency when accessing cloud applications. The FortiGate SD-WAN with native NGFW security can achieve 100% escape blocking, 99.9% security effectiveness, and protect branch offices from advanced threats. The FortiGate SD-WAN is native to the device and can share executable threat intelligence while enabling centralized management.
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