The power of a native Secure SD-WAN solution

  • In today’s interconnected environments, with new threats that can span multiple attack vectors, security can’t afford to be a collection of piecemeal solutions operating in isolation. For a security solution to meet the demands of an SD-WAN architecture, however, it needs to share many of the same design tenets, including speed, agility, flexibility, and scalability. Instead, SD-WAN and security need to be as tightly integrated as possible.

    Just as important, security also needs to be part of your original SD-WAN planning so security can be thoroughly integrated into the SD-WAN functionality, as well as into and across other security tools, to better detect and prevent today’s advanced threats.Deploying SD-WAN that has been fully integrated into a robust security solution means that the full range of essential security functionality can occur at digital speeds, including:

    • Native NGFW functionality, including IPS inspection, flexible and scalable VPN, anti-malware, web filtering, sandboxing, and high-performance SSL inspection designed for SD-WAN environments
    • Centralized collection, correlation, and analysis for all threat intelligence
    • Consistent security deployment and protection across all interconnected ecosystems
    • Deep integration between all security elements for advanced threat detection
    • Automated synchronization between security elements regardless of where they are deployed
    • Continuous threat assessment to ensure it is able to see and respond to the latest threat vectors
    • Dynamic threat response that automatically leverages all relevant security technologies to address threats wherever they occur, and at digital speeds.

    And because nearly three-fourths of network traffic is now SSL-encrypted—and because SSL inspection requires massive amounts of processing power cripples nearly every NGFW solution on the market today—relying on bolted-on solutions to inspect encrypted traffic forces organizations to either forfeit the performance advantages of their SD-WAN deployment in favor of security, or to simply not adequately inspect traffic.

    Finally, true native management of remote VPN connectivity allows organizations to maintain appropriate levels of security protection and inspection, and ensure high levels of visibility and control not only for data and applications passing through the SD-WAN environment but that span the entire distributed network.

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