Networks Partner to Deliver SD-WAN Solutions

  • NXP Semiconductors and FatPipe Networks announced that FatPipe's SD-WAN client for branch routers has been migrated and can be executed on the NXP Layerscape family of 64-bit network processors. FatPipe Networks is the inventor of the Software-defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) technology and has several related patents. This means that system vendors and enterprise customers have more choices for price, power and performance when choosing branch router hardware for their SD-WAN needs.

    SD-WAN is a special application of Software Defined Network (SDN) technology. It is suitable for wide-area network connections such as broadband networks, 4G, LTE, or MPLS. It can connect to enterprise networks that are far apart, including branch offices and data centers. SD-WAN allows companies to reduce their reliance on proprietary hardware and balance the use of cheaper network connections and more expensive fixed-point access lines such as MPLS.Noy Kucuk, vice president of NXP's Digital Network Division, said the partnership demonstrates a growing ecosystem of enterprise user solutions that support the company's ARM-based Layerscape multi-core processor family. The company is pleased to work with FatPipe to provide customers with a wider range of value-added solutions.

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