Welcome to the Ultimate SD-WAN Guide

  • The survey also found that while network professionals currently prefer to deploy SD-WAN with self-managed on-site hardware and software, or as a standalone hosting service bundled connection. However, Bancroft pointed out that this situation is already changing.

    By 2019, it will move to bundle SD-WAN as a hosted service and provide additional NFV services and connectivity options. Bancroft attributes this to organizations that want to further ease the burden of WAN operations on internal IT teams.

    One way to achieve this is through a generic CPE device. This allows businesses to consolidate network functions such as SD-WAN and routing, firewall and acceleration.


    As 5G and the Internet of Things mature, SD-WAN providers have the opportunity to enter these markets.

    Bancroft pointed out that telecommunications companies especially want to benefit from the different features of 5G, SD-WAN, the Internet of Things and other edge applications.

    He said: "The telecommunications company believes that the WAN is an important way to ensure that all types of communications are automatically transferred to the appropriate links ." It also ensures that IoT traffic is prioritized over 5G, and other applications can be automatically routed through broadband.

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