Black horse in the SD-WAN market?

  • There is no doubt that SD-WAN is a big enthusiasm in the current enterprise market.

    Since the SD-WAN concept was officially proposed in 2014 and is now widely recognized in the market, the vigorous development of SD-WAN in recent years reflects the strong demand of the market. According to the Gartner report, the proportion of enterprises deploying SD-WAN has rapidly increased from 1% in 2015 to 30% in 2018. In the next few years, the global SD-WAN market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 70%.

    Today's SD-WAN market has flooded into hundreds of companies, and it is a glitz and bustling, with a mix of traditional router companies, cloud service providers, a large number of entrepreneurial companies, security companies, and even telecom operators. I hope to get a piece of the market. Because of this, whoever sees the SD-WAN market first and discards the glitz and landing value will be able to take the lead in the future market.

    Behind the strong rise of SD-WAN is a strong demand for the release of network value. In the past few years, the wave of cloud computing has revolutionized the business model, operating model and usage. The traditional WAN network architecture is stretched in this revolution. In addition, the pace of enterprise digital transformation is accelerating, and artificial intelligence technology is integrated into the business. To become the trend of the times, the enterprise network is facing more and more uncertainty. Because of this, as an important support for the company's future development strategy, the value of the network in the era of cloud computing and digital transformation is expanding as never before.

    How to release the value of the network has become one of the most important challenges in the era of digital transformation.


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