SD-WAN will replace router

  • Gartner predicts that SD-WAN will replace the router, but what kind of SD-WAN is the problem?

    A Gartner WAN expert said that it is best for companies to check the balance sheet of the vendor before selecting an SD-WAN vendor.


    Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) will replace routers, which is not the most important message that Gartner vice president and well-known analyst Joe Skorupa conveyed at the Gartner online discussion last week. .


    No, the most important message is hidden in some amazing statistics. Half of the market's revenue is actually divided by two startups, which raises the question: Since there are more than 30 vendors in the SD-WAN space, do you confirm that the SD-WAN vendor you are considering has the cash needed for long-term development?

    The router is no longer scenery

    As early as September of this year, we wrote an article clarifying the view of SD-WAN replacing routers ( This is the message we have been thinking about for some time, and we have heard many frustrated corporate customers complaining. This is also a trend supported by Sorupa's market data for good reason.   


    For years, software has been preempting sites that were previously dedicated hardware. Watches, calculators, and even telephony infrastructure and geophones are grouped into software-oriented multi-purpose platforms. SD-WAN will also sweep the traditional routing system.


    Switching to SD-WAN can result in significant cost savings. A single router can cost as much as several thousand dollars, and it works well for just one campus. SD-WAN technology uses simpler hardware to provide flexibility and reliability at unbeatable prices, as described in "SD-WAN and MPLS Price Scenarios" ( Com/sd-wan-mpls-pricing-scenario/). It even provides connectivity through an ordinary Internet connection, greatly simplifying the connection from remote branches. These advantages make licensed retail stores, financial services companies and healthcare providers a leading adopter of SD-WAN technology.


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