Sdwan, about the real SD-WAN network

  • 1. What is SD-WAN, what can it bring to us?

    Official statement: Software defines the wide area network, which is a service formed by applying SDN technology to the WAN scene. This service is designed to connect a wide range of corporate networks, data centers, Internet applications, and cloud services to help users reduce WAN spending and increase network connectivity flexibility. To put it simply, it can replace a new technology of traditional WAN lines (MPLS-VPN, IPSEC-VPN, etc.); this technology is important to solve the problem of unstable traditional Internet lines and expensive lines, and can also meet future lines. Immediacy and real-time application.

    2. SD-WAN market

    At present, venture capital SD-WAN startups have reached 1 billion US dollars. The D-WAN foreign application rate has reached an astonishing 40%, and IDC expects to reach 70% in three years. Gartner expects SD-WAN market value to reach $1.3-1.5 billion in two years.

    3. SD-WAN manufacturers

    SD-WAN vendors can be divided into two types, one is similar to Cisco (hereinafter referred to as C company), one is similar to Aryaka (hereinafter referred to as company A); C company's SD-WAN focuses on the overall network architecture and operation and maintenance For the WAN direction, multi-line convergence and smart switching are mainly used, which requires the original line support of the enterprise. The advantage lies in the liberation of operation and maintenance, improving the quality and stability of the line. A company's SD-WAN focus is mainly to solve the last mile. As a WAN operation and maintenance engineer, the last mile determines the quality and cost of the line. At present, many WAN suppliers have their own backbone nodes, how to connect the enterprise to the WAN supply. The quotient node is the biggest difficulty that exists at present. Company A currently uses the last mile to access the Internet, which is also the quality of integrating multi-line convergence and smart switching protection lines.

    Through the simple description of the above, you should know that if your company wants to use SD-WAN, you should choose the type. Simply summarize: If the company is large in scale, there are many WAN lines, and the network operation and maintenance costs are too high, the architecture is not Clearly, you can use the similar SD-WAN solution of Company C. The advantage of Company C is that it is not only used in WAN, but also in DC and LAN. The key point is to liberate network operation and maintenance. If the company has many WAN lines, there is no current demand. Existing lines, the budget is low, can use a similar company's program, A company's program, the line opening time is fast, the cost is relatively low.

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