Welcome to the Ultimate SD-WAN Guide

  • Real-time software-as-a-service (SaaS), such as cloud-hosted voice and video, will be a key driver for SD-WAN deployments. As companies transition to broadband, they expect their quality, availability and reliability to meet or exceed their traditional telephony solutions. SD-WAN and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) vendors will work together to improve voice service quality and meet customer needs through broadband.

    WAN segmentation – the key to protecting your business

    With the prevalence of cyberattacks, companies are looking for ways to improve their security architecture and segment the deployment of WANs as part of their overall security strategy. Traditional router-centric WANs allow any application in a branch to communicate with other applications or branches, which means that if something goes wrong in one place, it spreads anywhere.

    Cloud security services become mainstream

    Cloud security services have become mainstream and become the next generation of firewall alternatives, and are simpler and more economical. The SD-WAN edge becomes the natural gateway to these services. The advanced SD-WAN edge platform enables organizations to fully automate the security service chain and deliver the best combination of services, including local, data center and cloud security services, on top of an application.

    Unified SD-WAN platform for cloudy deployment

    As more and more enterprises use multiple clouds, SD-WAN will provide a unified structure between physical locations and cross-cloud instances. While each underlying cloud environment has fixed complexity and features, automation will make adding new cloud instances quick and easy. By leveraging physical locations and multiple paths between each cloud instance, the SD-WAN platform will provide a more reliable and consistent user experience.

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