SD-WAN is highly complementary

  • SD-WAN is highly complementary to MPLS (Multiple Protocol Label Switched Transport), which is commonly used in today's enterprises. Ke Wenda mentioned that in the market, some people even think that SD-WAN can replace MPLS, but he believes that neither will Replace each other, but mix and match according to the characteristics of enterprise users.

    If enterprises have many decentralized locations, they need to connect with each other, such as branches, customers, suppliers, etc., but the requirements for the connection status are not strict, and there is no need to maintain the connection status every minute. Ke Wenda explained that If the enterprise can accept the connection period, there are 10 to 20 minutes, or even half a day of interruption, SD-WAN can be used as a suitable network connection solution, and the price is lower than MPLS, which brings cost-effectiveness.

    However, if the enterprise's connection requirements are to handle key tasks, if the system connection is interrupted, it will affect the company's profit, or customer satisfaction, it does not apply. The first line is expected, enterprises will be based on MPLS, according to the needs, part of the SD-WAN technology to hybrid, to make deployment more flexible.

    At present, the first line of SD-WAN services has nearly 10 customers, including agricultural production giants Wilmar, Epson, etc., as well as the Taiwan market, with well-known super-business and a department store. Wilmar International has more than 500 locations in China, many of which are warehousing, no IT staff, or convenience stores, and no IT staff in each store. However, they all have the need to connect different locations, first Chen Jiayi, vice president of sales of the Group Group and also general manager of Taiwan, said that through the SD-WAN service, their information department can centrally control and directly change the system settings of each location, eliminating the need to individually change the system settings and make up the bases. The IT gap can reduce the cost of business users.

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