This year's new architecture product SD-WAN

  • Public Information Observatory Major Information Announcement
    (6245) Standing End - Clarification Description Reported on June 19, 108.
    1. The Date of the Incident: 108/06/19
    2. Company Name: Liduan Technology Co., Ltd.
    3. Relationship with the Company ( Please enter the company or subsidiary): The company
    4. Mutual shareholding ratio: Not applicable
    5. Media name: June 19, 2007, Union Evening News...etc
    . 6. Reporting content: Liede started in the field of telecommunications in the past few years The results of investment in resources have gradually emerged. The new architecture product SD-WAN expects the proportion of revenue this year will increase to 20%...etc.
    7. Reasons for the occurrence:
    (1) Regarding the financial and business information of the Company, please refer to the information announced by the public information observatory.
    (2) The Company has not announced the forecast of future financial figures. The above reports are for the media to speculate on the information.
    8. Response measures: Publish a clarification message to the public information observatory.

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