whether it is augmenting MPLS or Internet lines

  • In fact, most of the enterprises' WAN lines, MPLS and the Internet are leased, but subjectively believe that MPLS line quality is more stable and more secure. Therefore, MPLS use usually exceeds the total bandwidth, resulting in the quality of the connection instead. Not as stable as the Internet." He Haoxiang said.

    However, whether it is augmenting MPLS or Internet lines, network transmission routing cannot avoid manual adjustment of settings, and router management may face technical challenges. He further explained that if the rules set by the original router accumulate quite a lot, after the change, there will often be unexpected connection abnormalities. In addition, the QoS (Quality of Service) of the Internet needs to establish an application tag, but the native design of the router does not have the application identification capability, so it must be implemented through a WAN acceleration scheme or a dedicated device.

    Most of the companies that have introduced the WAN acceleration solution are multinational branches and IT environments with many operations. At this stage, SD-WAN customers will be evaluated. The main demand will focus on the integration of WAN acceleration and SD-WAN. The former is to reduce the network's native latency problem, while the latter is to increase the access requirements. As the bandwidth grows year by year, new technologies are needed to increase utilization.

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