SD-WAN software defines WAN and WAN acceleration solutions

  • Silver Peak is one of the few vendors on the market that offers both "SD-WAN software-defined wide area network" and "WAN acceleration".
    Support software solutions for enterprise headquarters and branch offices, remote backup, Internet Internet, SaaS and IaaS public cloud WAN environment acceleration and optimization. It eliminates the need for expensive leased lines and solves your headaches with VDI remote desktops, file transfers, offsite backup/spare, slow SaaS/IaaS, poor sound and video conferencing systems.
    The changing WAN wide area network will be mixed leased line, MPLS, ADSL, LTE and other environments.

    Silver Peak Unity dramatically expands your WAN bandwidth and is the best solution for broadband and hybrid WAN and WAN acceleration:
    • Leverage existing infrastructure
    • Rapid use of broadband (Cable, DSL, LTE, 4G)
    • Zero contact supply Zero-touch provisioning
    • Business-oriented policy automation
    • Significantly improve application performance
    • Reduce network costs
    • Support all TCP/IP application software (File, Web, Email, Data Replication, VDI, Database, VoIP, Video Conferencing, etc.), the most widely used

    • Virtualized deployment (supporting Hyper-V, VMware, Xen, and KVM), POC verification and future deployment are the easiest
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