Simplified management of TrueCONNECT

  • Yu Jingping, CIPC Telecom's CPC product marketing manager, said that the early multi-network deployment is based on enterprise branches and cloud-configured routers, which are connected in series. Although the router can achieve the shunt through the router, it can not really achieve the best path. Just because the router works according to the principle of the router, it must wait until the line is disconnected, and then the traffic will be directed to another line. Before switching, the user often has to withstand the poor quality network, and even worse, if the network has not been disconnected, the user It is necessary to have to endure or only switch the network manually, which has a great impact on the company's business. Moreover, for the quality of networking between the two sides of the strait, people are often criticized, and most enterprises suffer from it.

    Simplified management is especially important for highly globalized enterprises. After importing SD-WAN, the Orchestrator graphical network management platform makes it easy to deploy Edge devices in branches, clouds or data centers. Its centralized management features can solve the problem of cross-border management of new services frequently launched when enterprises are undergoing digital transformation. CITIC Telecom International currently has an Orchestrator Network Control Center in Hong Kong and Shanghai to ensure that no matter where users sign up or modify SD-WAN services, there is no need to worry.


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