The hot SD-WAN still needs further improvement

  • SD-WAN Summit held recently, Zhao Huiling, head of the Information Communication Network Expert Group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, delivered a speech entitled "Development and Challenges of Network Technology".

    Zhao Huiling mentioned that the IP network in the next decade will have a great improvement in terms of bandwidth, network capabilities and functions. Many new technologies, such as SDN, IP, and new network protocols, will now be used to support the upcoming 5G. In the future, the long-term development of the network will be from lossy to lossless and low-latency networks, making the ports of the technology network more detailed and more balanced, and new key technologies will emerge to support the development of the future network.

    Today, operators at home and abroad are paying attention to network transformation and network reconfiguration, and cloud network convergence is one of the key technologies. The network technologies involved in cloud network convergence include the recent hot SDN, a new generation of operating systems, and net

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