NetScaler SD-WAN Branch Network

  • As enterprise users embraced the digital transformation, their IT departments are constantly updating and simplifying their internal networks. The importance of SD-WAN (software-defined WAN) is self-evident, and its IT department can achieve the most secure and reliable network access for local and remote offices to access critical data and applications. According to IDC, SD-WAN represents a $6 billion market opportunity for network providers and service providers because it provides the flexibility, reliability and security that enterprise applications require at this stage, while It also reduces capital costs and simplifies operations. As a leader in the SD-WAN market, Citrix has announced improvements to the NetScaler SD-WAN platform to provide enhanced reliability and security features for application delivery, as well as intelligent branch routing technology.With NetScaler SD-WAN, Citrix provides users with a simple and advanced solution to deploy SD-WAN on a large scale quickly, cost-effectively, reduce network complexity, and set up branch systems to support more seamless. A secure way to use apps from the cloud. NetScaler SD-WAN is a comprehensive software-defined WAN solution that is easy to deploy and use, providing cost-effective integration of visibility and control over a single device. This one-stop solution integrates many features including: application-aware virtualized WAN connectivity, dynamic routing, independent routing domains, WAN optimization, end-to-end visibility, and support for the latest Citrix HDX protocol And a secure internet outlet. To simplify and reduce deployment costs, Citrix also introduces new device options for enterprise branch offices, as well as cloud-based, secure Zero Touch Deployment (ZTD) services. Zero-touch deployment services automate the deployment process, eliminating the need for local technicians and preventing unauthorized devices from accessing the network—a type of risk that exists in today's market solutions.

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