All the resources needed to deploy an SD-WAN.

  • For enterprises, uCPE represents fewer but more diverse network devices on site, providing high-bandwidth, low-latency services locally. For CSPs, the general-purpose uCPE platform can still be managed and upgraded remotely, minimizing maintenance costs.


    In addition, because the SD-WAN controller is abstracted from the underlying infrastructure, the general-purpose uCPE hardware provides all the resources needed to deploy an SD-WAN.


    Standardize uCPE to ensure reliability and reduce costs

    The general-purpose nature of uCPE hardware has prompted multiple vendors to focus on standardization. This will allow uCPE technology to be rapidly deployed and expanded at the lowest possible cost.


    Intel ® , Supermicro, Advantech, Lanner, and others have developed Intel ® Select solutions for the uCPE reference design . Based on the Intel ® Xeon ® D 2100 series of processors, these designs offer a range of scalable solutions to help CSPs, telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs), Internet Service Providers (ISVs), and businesses Perform uCPE and SD-WAN ( Figure 3 ).




    Figure 3. The Intel ® Select solution for uCPE provides a scalable platform reference design that accelerates the adoption of SD-WAN. (Source : Intel® Corporation )

    Intel Select hardware and software solution stack through the Intel validated to ensure robust uCPE reference design. There are two types of reference designs that provide CSPs and enterprises with a baseline for fine-tuning computing, storage, and network resources to meet the needs of small offices or large facilities:


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