SD-WAN is faster, more stable, optimized, safer and simpler

  • In addition to the ATP smart firewall, ZyXEL has another key corner, namely the Nebula SD-WAN solution. The main task is to optimize the deployment and transmission quality of the external network VPN. . In this regard, Bo Ronggang pointed out that there are several trends that are taking shape, including the faster speed of regional networking and the slow expansion of wide-area networking. Most enterprises that intend to add more branch offices will rely more on cloud applications; The Nebula SD-WAN comes into being, with a lower cost, higher performance, and a safer and more secure transmission environment.

    Nebula SD-WAN contains a number of key technologies. The first is "transmission quality optimization". According to the application properties of the WAN service, the optimization function is automatically turned on, the bandwidth congestion caused by repeated packet transmission is reduced, the external frequency signal delay is resolved, and the data transmission efficiency is improved. . The second is "combining external bandwidth", allowing enterprises to combine multiple external lines, effectively and flexibly use external bandwidth to increase the transmission rate.

    Then there is "Dynamic Path Selection". The Nebula Orchestrator can detect the status of the VPN connection at any time. If it finds that the WAN 1 transmission quality is jittery or delayed, it will automatically switch to the unobstructed WAN 2 to maintain the best. Transmission rate quality. Different from the traditional transmission switching mode, when the external line is switched, there is no need to rebuild the channel and the head is over, and the user will not perceive the line switching, that is, the automatic conversion is completed.

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