Technological innovation “SD-WAN”

  • SD-WAN solutions typically do not include integrated security solutions, and for those that do, the security solution provided is often woefully inadequate. But at the same time, relying on traditional network security solutions to protect such an elastic and adaptive network environment is also problematic.

    What is needed is an SD-WAN solution that includes complete threat protection toolsets, such as industrial grade NGFW firewall, anti-virus, intrusion prevention (IPS), and application control solutions. It also needs to include high-throughput SSL inspection, web filtering, and high-performance on-demand VPN connections to protect traffic and data confidentiality and advanced threat protection (ATP) to combat zero day threats. Finally, security effectiveness should be confirmed and certified using third-party validations to ensure you are getting the level of security your network requires.

    Centralized Provisioning, Management, and Monitoring 

    One of the distinct advantages of an SD-WAN solution is its ability to be deployed and managed remotely. However, there are risks associated with shipping fully configured devices to a remote branch location. And even once these edge devices are deployed, IT staff is usually required to manage both the WAN optimization functions and security functions using two different interfaces. This separation of network and security operations is not only labor-intensive; it also makes it difficult to tie things like traditionally network-centric issues such as performance and functionality to critical security and data inspection. But in an SD-WAN environment, those traditionally separate functions need to work hand in hand.

    Since security and SD-WAN both monitor broad and complex applications, it is critical that they exist on the same pane of glass management that provide a high-level monitoring view combined with the ability to drill down into specific details, allowing teams to act on data rather than chasing after data in order to correlate it.

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