SD-WAN application

  • If the combination of the Internet and the dedicated line is adopted, it is easy to cause imbalance in service distribution. If all the special lines are used, it will cause an exponential increase in the cost of erection, which is unacceptable to ordinary enterprises.

    As a future star of enterprise-wide WAN, what kind of technology is SD-WAN?

    One thing that can't be ignored is that in this case, the network management of the branch office as a client needs to add complex Customer Premise Equipment (CPE equipment), which usually includes WAN optimization, firewall, VPN and network value-added services. Etc., the traditional network management configuration management is complex and requires professional maintenance.

    Of course, there are also many SMEs who choose to use private cloud services, which is to put headquarters data in the public cloud. This method requires data communication through the public Internet, and network quality is also insecure.

    As shown in the figure, in the current common SD-WAN application scenario, the Internet and dedicated line coexistence are adopted. By introducing the SD-WAN controller, centralized management of the branch CPE equipment and automatic configuration are completed, including various Internet access, configuration management of dedicated line access, etc.

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    SD-WAN application