SD-WAN router

  • y deploying an SD-WAN router, you can combine the bandwidth of multiple WAN connections. At the same time, SD-WAN enterprises can add or delete WAN connections as needed, and can also combine cellular and fixed line connections. Under the premise of SD-WAN, bandwidth can be flexibly increased or decreased according to changes in requirements. SD-WAN technology can also quickly deploy WAN services to remote sites without the need for IT personnel to deploy.

    In addition, deploying SD-WAN will have many advantages, both in terms of cost and security.

    Carrier-grade MPLS connections are typically affected by supply time and are generally more expensive, while Internet links are typically much cheaper than carrier-grade MPLS connections, and SD-WAN technology enables companies to effectively utilize all available network connections to meet their needs. All needs without worrying about maintaining an idle backup link. At the security level, SD-WAN can encrypt traffic during WAN traffic transmission and improve network security by fragmenting the network. Once compromised, the loss can be minimized. SD-WAN also helps IT administrators continuously monitor the amount and type of traffic on the network and quickly detect attacks.

    Difficult dependence

    At present, operators' difficulty in deploying SD-WAN mainly focuses on intelligent network transformation, data classification and fault tolerance.

    On the one hand, at this stage, it is difficult for operators to give a smart brain to the WAN, transforming it into the ability of "smart routing" like the Google B4 network. Take China Telecom as an example, implement the separation of the control plane and the bearer plane of the whole network, and unify the control plane to the SDN Controller. It will face more than 360,000 brands and routers of various types and types of access networks, metropolitan area networks and backbone networks. There are more and more network devices such as other switches. How to coordinate with many brands and different batches of equipment according to a standard, the cost will be too high to bear. Therefore, the operator WAN network will only be a network lacking the whole brain for a long time in the future, and it will not meet the intelligent requirements of the entire network.

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