External point network centralized and efficient management SD-

  • Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) can help enterprises to cope with relatively low-cost Internet lines (such as ADSL) to ease the situation of bandwidth and unified management of all external lines, according to the importance of application services. Prioritize and automatically configure the most appropriate line, which should be a solution worth considering for the deployment of medium and large enterprises around the world.

    In December 2017, VMware officially bought Velocloud, which included the industry's most market-leading software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution in the network and security division's product line, which means that VMware is now not only in the user's NSX can be used in data centers and public clouds to assist in the rapid deployment, connectivity, and robust security of business applications. If there are multiple users with multiple external units, consider how to centrally and easily maintain the network connection of multiple external points, how to ensure the performance of the external user service application, and how to achieve the highest quality within the limited cost. Point-to-point, VMware can also use Velocloud's SD-WAN technology to provide services.

    In the next series of articles, I would like to introduce the components, core technologies, and important benefits of the Velocloud solution, so that everyone can more carefully evaluate whether they need to import the SD-WAN solution. After Velocloud is included in the VMware product line, the current official name has been changed to VMware NSX SD-WAN by Velocloud. In the following, whether it is the full name, or NSX SD-WAN, or directly speaking Velocloud, it refers to the same program.

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