Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Solution Overview

  • To deploy SD-WAN, there are different requirements in different network application scenarios. For small-scale network application scenarios and large enterprise branch interconnection application scenarios, Fortinet provides corresponding solutions:


      Fortinet's integration of SD-WAN and the highly acclaimed "Secure Access Architecture" solution in retail, logistics, small financial branches, chain stores, and other small-scale applications, has released a new SD-Branch (software-defined branch office) solution to help branch offices establish a foundation network and support management of the entire wide area network on a single management console, using FortiGate as an SD-WAN CPE device, NGFW and wired and wireless integration Manager to achieve agile, secure, low-cost deployment and operation and maintenance of SD-WAN.


      In the large enterprise branch interconnection scenario, Fortinet's consistent performance experience can meet SD-WAN interconnection requirements between large branches and even big data centers, and application visibility, policy-based flow control, encrypted packet inspection, and VPN. Scalability has been enhanced in all directions.